Nanny Jean’s Academy has been established since 2002 and is a proven extremely successful Day Care operation.  With a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge within the Day Care; Nanny Jean’s Academy ensures the best possible start for all the children they care for. This experience and expertise is delivered to, and for, everychild; to ensure it really does make a positive difference for their important start in life; possibly the most important stage of their lives.  Care, consideration, learning, and personal development are addressed to the highest levels in a safe and secure environment. 

At Nanny Jean’s Academy your child(ren) are treated as little people and their development plan is managed according to their particular needs as they move towards leaving the Day Care and on to the rest of their educational lives. 

Nanny Jeans Academy delivers the best there is in Childcare, Education, Play and Development. The Day Care is based upon the values of:

  • Enthusiasm. With a passion for both individual and team achievements; an extremely important lesson for life as a whole.
  • Respect. Being totally aware of the requirements relating to every single individual child in our care.  Our Parents play a great part in this as it is important for them to fully appreciate that it helps for them to understand how we deliver the best      possible results
  • Passion; 100%commitment. Recognition of the important part we play inchildren’s development and being totallycommitted      to delivering this in the mostcorrect, honest and fun way possible. Children learn better when they enjoy what they are doing! 

Nanny Jean’s Academy has fully earned its reputation for delivering the highest quality in Day Care provision available. 

Nanny Jean’s Academy delivers teaching in the most effective manner possible; old fashioned values with the modern tools and requirements provided. 

At Nanny Jean’s Academy you will have the opportunity to unlock the full potential of yourchild(ren) as they learn throughcreativity, imagination and play. 

At Nanny Jean’s Academy you are guaranteed to receive:

  • The best available Day Care system.
  • Fully Certified Staff at all levels.
  • A loving, happy and safe Educational environment.
  • 100% attention to the needs of every single Child in attendance.

Our doors are always open to parents, as we believecommunication is a part of a successfulchildcare. 

We look forward to caring for and working with, yourchild(ren) for many years tocome.