August 23, 2012
Nanny Jeans is a wonderful place to take your children for daycare. It is a family run business and you and your children become part of their family. I have been extremely happy with every moment my two children have been going here. The entire staff love and care about your children as if they were their own. They teach your children and have a desire to see your children grow and develop through the years. I will never forget one of my first days after a long day at work and the emotions of leaving your baby with someone else, I walked in and Nanny Jean was in the rocking chair holding my little baby so gently – from that day on, I have never felt like this was a daycare but that I was bringing my baby to my extended family. In addition to the absolutely wonderful staff here, the grounds are nicely kept, with a large playground in the back and the children go outside frequently throughout the day for fresh air and to have fun playing.
One of my favorite times of the year is at Christmas – they decorate the entire courtyard with Christmas lights, music, and beautiful decorations including a mini Ferris wheel with Santa – the children LOVE it! I would HIGHLY recommend Nanny Jeans Academy to anyone who wants their child in a loving, caring, friendly, and learning environment.

July 15, 2008
Best daycare. We have had both our children with Nanny Jeans and cannot recommend it highly enough. They both enjoyed their time with the daycare, were very well treated and also received expert educational beginnings. We searched for a suitable daycare and believe we found a truly great one; family run and you really can tell what a great place it is for your kids.

November 21, 2012
We have had both our children with Nanny Jeans and cannot recommend it highly enough. What a wonderful beginning to educational life is provided by this establishment, they are truly great at what they do. We happened upon them by looking around and being given recommendations. They told us how high their marks from the various audit operations were and wished to try them. Thank goodness we did. I would certainly recommend them if you want your children cared for and prepared for their future learning requirements.