Where Children come First!

Welcome to Nanny Jean’s Academy, Inc., a family Owned and Operated day care Facility successfully operating for years in Brevard County, Florida. 
At Nanny Jean’s Academy we believe in the provision of the highest possible standards of care, support, and education to develop the young children properly for the road ahead. Nanny Jean’s Academy has been successfully delivering these qualities for many years; the happy and successfully equipped children are a testament that speaks volumes here.  
Nanny Jean’s Academy firmly believes that the child, its welfare, education and development are the most important aspects for consideration. Nanny Jean’s Academy fully understands and endorses that children learn more readily in a fun and interesting environment. At Nanny Jean’s Academy you can be sure the child will have every opportunity to learn, explore, play and develop just as you would hope. 
Over the years Nanny Jean’s Academy has become firmly embedded into, and a shining light in the community it operates within. It makes a real difference when you know that children are being taught properly to accommodate their requirements as they grow. Nanny Jean’s Academy makes this community a much happier and contented place. 
With Nanny Jean’s Academy you really will be giving your child the best that is available in day care and preparation for the future out there!  This is to ensure their best possible preparation for the future they are about to encounter; ensuring they get the best possible grounding for their development, educational and social needs.  
Nanny Jean’s Academy will strive to offer your child(ren) a loving, safe and happy educational environment.  
Nanny Jean’s Vision is:

“To unlock the fullest possible potential of all the children we are responsible for.” Nanny Jean’s Academy leaves absolutely nothing to chance; so you do not have to worry!